I am a PhD student in the Philosophy of Education at Leeds Trinity University, Leeds, UK. I am co-supervised by Professor Amanda Fulford (Edge Hill University), Professor Mark Pike (University of Leeds) and Dr Ann-Marie Mealy (Leeds Trinity University).

My PhD project, Rethinking the ‘Restorative’: Ethical Relationships in Restorative Practice, aims to provide a critique of restorative practices in schools – a development of restorative justice from the criminal justice system. On this topic I have recently published papers From performance to passionate utterance: rethinking the purpose of restorative conference scripts in schools and Tell me the story: Marginalisation, transformation, and school-based restorative practice. 

I have also worked on a collaborative research project, alongside Dr Helen Hanna, that aims to explore the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic students within the university.

For more about my journey to PhD studentship then read my blog for Leeds Trinity University: Celebrating our Education graduates: Naziya’s story

I am a member of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (PESGB) and assisting branch chair Ed Podesta with organising our regional PESGB branch seminar programme. In addition I am part of the PESGB committee on race and ethnicity which aims to promote and support the study of philosophy of education addressed to questions of race and ethnicity. I contributed to the recent short report conducted by the Runnymede Trust on race and representation in the PESGB.

I have eight years of teaching experience in a primary school setting, based in Key Stage two, leading and managing programmes of Science, SEAL and Primary Assertive Mentoring. I have mentored trainee teachers and worked with the LEA in Leeds to launch Learning Conversations, an empirical research project in the primary setting.

I live in Leeds with my husband and daughter.


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